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We begin with your idea. We then implement your project from a hole in the ground to the most refined trim on a pillow.

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Globally Gorgeous

John and Gregg at Work

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Globally Gorgeous Venezia

John and Gregg in Venice

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Maienza+Wilson for Architectural Digest

John and Gregg in Ontario

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The Great Huki

An environmental short film John and Gregg made and shown at :
Santa Barbara International Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Single Family Residence
Highland Park / Dallas, Texas
Renovation / Addition
Architectural Consult
Interior Design and Decoration

John Maienza and Gregg Wilson have completed two projects for our family; each is unique unto itself and both with supreme results. Maienza Wilson's architectural philosophy stems from southern California's indoor/outdoor lifestyle, The layers of details within the architecture itself blended with custom interior/exterior finishes, furniture and fixtures provide extraordinary comfort and lasting interest. Smartly planned furniture schemes create relaxing social vignettes throughout each home that encourage our family to sit and spend time with each other.John and Gregg's depth of education and experience in architecture, interior design, and the construction management process combine to deliver the best owner experience i've had spanning 30 years.

David Galvin, Client
Client Image 2

Single Family Residence
Honolulu Hawaii
Interior Design

AMAZING work !! I hired John and Greg from Maienza-Wilson Interior, to select the interior components of my recently renovated executive home. This was my 1st time, hiring a professional interior design firm, and I was NOT disappointed at all. I think it was the best move I ever made. The team worked with me on establishing a budget, and the scope of work, included creating a seamless interior/exterior flow, in a "organic" easy flow lifestyle environment. I have 2 young children, so emphasis was placed on furniture and accessories, that are child "friendly". John's connections, within the artist community are amazing ! The wall pieces he selcted were custom made and totally highlight the tall ceiling and make the room come alive. Best of all through his contacts, he exceptionally designed a custom made chandelier from blown glass, that brings the room and the decor together for one amazing look ! I would recommend Maienza and Wilson without ANT hesitation for anyone looking for amazing quality work in hawaii.

JC Drui, Client
Client Image 3

Honolulu, Hawaii
New York City, NY
Montecito, California
Interior Design and Decoration

Architectural Digest

I first met John and Gregg photographing the apartment they designed for Steve Kroft for an Architectural Digest story.. The building was in a venerable old upper West side courtyard building and the apartment had the lived in qualities of comfort, style and informality. Since this initial introduction, I have photographed many of their projects for the magazine and been their guest at their homes in New York, California and Hawaii. I have seen their skills and recognizing the latent potential in their commissions and seen those projects develop to the fullest. Their work has a broad range and it’s at the highest order. They couldn’t be more pleasant to work with.

Durston Saylor
Client Image 4

Estate, Design / Build

Montecito, California
Single Family Residence
Interior Design and Decoration
Landscape Design

My husband and I moved to California from New York 6 years ago. After a six month search and looking at over 50 homes for sale in Santa Barbara we bought a newly built 7000 sq. ft. home designed and newly built by Maienza-Wilson on 2 acres in Montecito. The home and landscape style is Mediterranean/Spanish/Andalusian, perfect for this area. We are so happy to have this home. The quality of construction is absolutely top notch and the design is beautiful with an amazing attention to details. Gregg and John brought ideas and construction materials to this home from their travels in India and Morocco which are very unique and beautiful. There is a good amount of beautiful tile; thick, walnut flooring; luxurious bathrooms and cabinetry . . I could go on and on. . .Having designed and built our previous home in New York, my husband and I are extremely opinionated and have very high standards. Since living in Santa Barbara we haven't seen another house we like better than this one. The only change we made was to open up the family room for more light and add some skylights in a bedroom hallway and Maienza-Wilson helped us with this work.

Sharonlee, Client
Client Image 5

Manhattan Loft Apartment
New York, NY
Interior Design and Decoration

John Maienza and Gregg Wilson have helped me in so many locations and circumstances-- from a house in Brentwood, LA to a loft apartment in NYC-- but they consistently come through with the most stunning, liveable results. They immediately key in on an individual and their personality and needs-- and then they think of things you never would, and make it all better than you'd ever think possible. Many of Maienza-Wilson's clients involve spectacular scenarios, but I, for one, seem to always be on a limited budget, and they know how to respect that as well. I also always seem to have some sort of design or installation emergency that calls for an instant decision-- and somehow John and Gregg are available, either on the scene, or on the other end of the phone, wherever in the world they may be. All this is verified by the fact that most of their clients become friends, as well as clients, for life.

Waffels, Client
Client Image 6

Design Build
Sustainable / Leed Platinum
Montecito, California
Interior Design and Decoration
Landscape Design

I worked with John and Gregg on an incredible luxury green home in Montecito, California. Their attention to detail and dedication to building a sustainable home brought a vision to reality despite many challenges. The home is not only beautiful, functional, and comfortable, but received a LEED Platinum certification.

PStadelman, Colleague
Client Image 7

Single Family Residences
San Francisco, CA
Interior Design and Decoration

The Maienza-Wilson team is the best! Working with me for almost two decades, John and Gregg have helped with six major and myriad smaller projects from coast to coast. Whether it was major construction, minor remodeling, or interior design, all projects were carried out with skill, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and finesse. They give equal attention to function and style, and they are as happy to take on my smaller budget needs as my larger ones. Somehow they are able to read my mind and make my homes look just the way I image they should. The results are always comfortable and beautiful. A nice thing about working with John and Gregg is they are not done when the project is finished. Although I have never lived in the same city where John and Gregg live, they are always available when I call on them for simple advice, ongoing updates and problem solutions. They make me feel like I am their only client. Best of all, John and Gregg have become very close friends. I consider them family and can’t imagine doing a project without them.


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