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The ACI Jet San Luis Obispo project holds a unique place in Maienza+Wilson's portfolio, reflecting their deep connection to aviation through the lens of design. As the headquarters of ACI Jet, located at the San Luis Obispo Airport, this facility was envisioned to embody the spirit of ACI Jet's brand while serving the dual functions of an FBO and maintenance center. This project allowed John and Gregg to merge their aviator instincts with their design expertise, creating a space that elevates the standard for aviation facilities.

At ACI Jet San Luis Obispo, the challenge was to design a space that is both operationally efficient and aesthetically inviting, reflecting the prestige of the ACI Jet brand. Through their innovative approach, Maienza+Wilson succeeded in integrating the essence of ACI Jet into every facet of the design, making ACI Jet San Luis Obispo a model of excellence in both form and function. The facility now stands not only as the operational heart of ACI Jet but also as a testament to the possibilities of merging aviation with state-of-the-art design principles.

In both the ACI Jet Santa Ana and ACI Jet San Luis Obispo projects, Maienza+Wilson have not only met the brief but exceeded expectations, crafting spaces that reflect the sophistication and innovation of the ACI Jet brand. These projects underscore the unique blend of functionality, luxury, and brand identity that ACI Jet represents in the world of private aviation.


Aerodynamics, airports, aviators, airplanes, jets, all things Aviation are what make this project globally gorgeous. John & Gregg‘s favorite design detail for ACI jet Santa Anna is the backdrop Photographic Mural printed on aluminum panels. MW used photo digital images of John Wayne airport present day and a historical photograph of the airport from above.