Orange County, California John Wayne Airport

Maienza+Wilson Commercial Interior design, corporate branding design, contract Interior design.

Maienza+Wilson embarked on a distinctive project for ACI Jet at Santa Ana, transforming the FBO facility at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, into a testament of their passion for aviation and design. This renovation was particularly special for John and Gregg, both avid aviators, as it represented an opportunity to infuse the ACI Jet brand with unparalleled design concepts within the aviation FBO landscape. The goal was clear: to introduce ACI Jet Santa Ana to design innovations unseen in any other FBO across the globe, as per our globe-trotting clients' wishes.

The essence of the ACI Jet Santa Ana project was to breathe new life into the conventional space of the old Signature Flight Support FBO. Maienza+Wilson achieved this through a meticulous design process that embedded new ideas and exquisite architectural detailing into the existing structure. The outcome is a space that encapsulates artisanal interior architecture, making ACI Jet Santa Ana a beacon of luxury and creativity in the commercial aviation sector.

Central to the transformation at ACI Jet Santa Ana is the reception desk, a singular artistic statement meticulously designed by John. This bespoke piece, realized by craftsmen known for their work with aviation components, now pioneers in fabricating artisanal furnishings. Crafted from anodized aluminum, this desk stands as a symbol of the innovation and bespoke luxury that defines ACI Jet Santa Ana.


Aerodynamics, airports, aviators, airplanes, jets, all things Aviation are what make this project globally gorgeous. John & Gregg‘s favorite design detail for ACI jet Santa Anna is the backdrop Photographic Mural printed on aluminum panels.