Santa Barbara, Montecito, California, Butterfly Beach

Maienza+Wilson Design / Build Interior Design, Interior Decoration, Landscape and Garden Design, Construction.

Maienza+Wilson, renowned for their architectural and interior design prowess as well as their unwavering commitment to sustainable living, have been lauded with a commendation from the county supervisor for their exceptional Net-Zero and LEED Platinum certified Montecito beach house. Situated in the idyllic setting of Montecito near Butterfly Beach, this modern beach house is a true reflection of the California lifestyle, merging luxurious living with eco-conscious design. The home's Butterfly roof, equipped with cutting-edge solar water heating and photovoltaic panels, not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also emphasizes its commitment to environmental sustainability. The design allows for remarkable energy efficiency, producing as much energy as it consumes and occasionally causing the electrical meter to run backwards, a testament to its sustainable design.

This Montecito beach house serves as a powerful statement of Maienza+Wilson's dedication to crafting a sustainable yet luxurious lifestyle in the heart of Santa Barbara. The innovative minds of John Maienza and Gregg Wilson have masterfully integrated "Garden Bathrooms" into the design, elevating the indoor-outdoor living experience to new heights and redefining what it means to live in a modern beach house. These garden bathrooms, a distinctive feature of the property, blur the lines between the interior and the natural world, offering a serene retreat that harmonizes with the landscape.

The essence of the California lifestyle and the modern beach house is captured within the confines of this compact beach compound. Spanning 3000 square feet on a quarter-acre lot, Maienza+Wilson's design philosophy combines relaxed luxury, innovative design, and modern interior styling to create a unique living space. This beach house flawlessly encapsulates the spirit of a modern beach house, offering a seamless blend of comfort, style, and sustainability.

Highlighted on the cover of 805 Magazine in an article by Lorie Dewhirst Porter, this project showcases Maienza+Wilson's exceptional ability to merge the California lifestyle with sustainable design principles. The Montecito beach house stands as a beacon of modern beach house design, emphasizing the importance of garden bathrooms and sustainable living practices. Through their visionary design, Maienza+Wilson have created not just a home but a lifestyle, embodying the quintessence of the California lifestyle and setting a new standard for modern beach houses.


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