Los Angeles, California, Mar Vista, Venice Beach

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In Mar Vista, near Venice Beach, Maienza+Wilson tackled the renovation of a 1930s Spanish-style bungalow. The project transformed the original structure into a Los Angeles modern bungalow, complete with a 500 sq. ft. addition, enhancing its functionality and appeal as a modern living space.

This renovation wasn't just about updating an old house; it was about rethinking how the bungalow interior could better serve modern needs while honoring its architectural heritage. By opting for an open floor plan facilitated by Western Windows, the design effectively blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, a key feature of living in Los Angeles. This approach not only brought more natural light into the home but also made the interior feel more spacious and connected to the vibrant Mar Vista surroundings.

The now modernized bungalow interior reflects a blend of contemporary design principles with the home's original Spanish-style features, creating a unique and inviting living space. The addition, although modest in size, significantly contributes to the overall functionality and aesthetic of the home, making it a standout example of a Los Angeles modern bungalow.

With this project, Maienza+Wilson demonstrate how thoughtful design and strategic updates can transform a traditional Spanish-style bungalow into a modern bungalow that resonates with the Los Angeles lifestyle. This successful renovation highlights the potential to meld historical charm with contemporary living, offering a fresh take on the bungalow interior that is both stylish and practical.


Western Windows. Ipe decks.