Santa Barbara, Hot Springs Road, Montecito, CA

Maienza+Wilson Architectual New Build / Renovation, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Construction.

Our approach to the Hot Springs Road project in Montecito was deeply rooted in celebrating the rich heritage of early Montecito Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Our design philosophy was fueled by a profound reverence for history, which was clearly demonstrated in our meticulous preservation of the estate's old adobe section, showcasing our commitment to adobe style details.
In the expansion of this Montecito renovation, we aimed to flawlessly integrate Santa Barbara's classic detailing, paying tribute to the region's architectural traditions with a focus on Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Our emphasis was on crafting welcoming spaces that foster a deep connection with the natural surroundings. This was achieved through the innovative design of multiple courtyards and the thoughtful expansion of the gardens, creating a seamless blend of the interior with the exterior environments and emphasizing our expertise in garden design.
Throughout this Montecito renovation, our team's unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and architectural authenticity led to a perfect equilibrium between tradition and modern living. We infused the estate with adobe style details, enriching its aesthetic and historical value. Our objective was not merely to construct a residence but to forge an experience where history and contemporary elegance converge, celebrating every aspect of Montecito's enduring allure.
This project stands as a testament to our dedication to preserving and enhancing the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, ensuring that every space within the estate tells a compelling story of Montecito's timeless beauty and the meticulous garden design that complements it. Through this Hot Springs Road project, we have not only honored the past but have also laid the groundwork for a future where the essence of Montecito and its architectural traditions continue to thrive.


Channing Peake paintings.